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Create a wallet
Create a wallet to store crypto assets (virtual currency). Learn about the wallets supported by SBINFT Market.Read more
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Put crypto assets (virtual currency) in your wallet
You can use Ethereum and Polygon on the SBINFT Market. Let's learn how to acquire crypto assets (virtual currency). Once you have transferred the acquired crypto assets (virtual currency) to your wallet, your wallet is ready.Read more
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Connect the wallet and register an account.
Once you connect your wallet to SBINFT Market, you are ready to register your account. Login to My Page to set up your account.Read more
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Go to the store
Now, let's go find your favorite works. SBINFT Market offers high quality works by Nanakusa certified artists and partner businesses.View Store

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Buy Artwork
You can purchase your favorite works in the store.Read more
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Exhibit purchased NFT works.
Users can re-list NFT works they have purchased.Read more

nanakusa artists

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Issue an NFT
Publish your NFT on the dedicated Create page. Select a collection, choose where to store the content data, upload the main file, upload the thumbnail file, set the description, and secondary sales commission (royalty).Read more
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Submit your NFT work
List the only original NFT in the world. Set a sales method for crypto assets (Ethereum or Polygon) or credit cards, and sell them in regular sales or auctions.Read more